5 Cool Windows 10 Tips and Hidden Features You Should Know

5 Cool Windows 10 Tips

Here are listed windows 10 cool features

Windows 10 has included many strange and convenient features for users which can improve business productivity. I am writing down 5 cool windows 10 tips here which can help your work done easily.

Update your tasks using ink

You can now update your work by using ink to help you keep your work on a track, making whatever mod is the most convenient for you. This feature is available in Windows 10 October 2018 Update. With the digital pen and touch in Windows device, just add an action to your list using ink, and then exit from there when complete. Your tasks are easily synced with the To-Do app across iOS, Android and Windows and the web if you signing in with your Microsoft Account.

Set up Windows Hello from your lock screen

If you want to set up Windows Hello to log in quickly and more securely, you can do so in April 2018 Windows 10 Update.

You can turn on Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint or PIN directly from your lock screen by using the Windows Hello tile under Sign-in options. Before this version, Microsoft account users had to go deeply into Settings to find Windows Hello.

This feature is not available for work, school or local accounts. It is only available for Microsoft Account users who use it to sign in to Windows.

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Get started with the emoji keyboard shortcut in Windows 10 PC

This is a shortcut of the keyboard – and it has some smiley faces, people and celebration emojis, just to name a few of. Simply turn tablet mode on in Windows 10 PC to get started this cool Windows 10 tips!

Organized your Apps with virtual desktops

In this, I am going to write here, how you can place your open apps in an organized way with virtual desktops in Windows 10.
Here’s the way to get started with virtual desktops:
To get a new virtual desktop, press Windows key + Tab or select the Task View button on the Windows Taskbar – then, select New desktop near the oper-left corner of the screen. You can switch very easily between virtual desktops using the Task View button.

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You can move an app from one virtual desktop to another by selecting the Task View button, right-click on the app’s thumbnail which you want to move. Click on Move to, and then choose the virtual desktop where you want to move.

Stay connected with My People

Quickly access to your top people: Now you can pin to the people who are more conversant with you on the app like Mail, Skype on the taskbar with simple one-click access.

In this blog post I have mentioned above 5 Cool Windows 10 Tips and Hidden Features You Should Know. All these features are really hidden in windows 10. Use these hidden features and have fun with your PC.

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