Benefits of vMotion, How VMware can minimize your IT downtime?

vMotion proces chart

What is vMotion?

vMotion grants you to transfer virtual servers and desktops from one physical server to another without shutting down the virtual desktop or server. All of this is done in real time, even the users of the virtual machine don’t know that they have been moved. It is the prior step between many VMware software solutions that are consolidated to make sure to keep downtime at the minimum level, which includes Fault Tolerance, High Availability, and Digital Resource Scheduler.

The benefits of vMotion setup are given bellow, let’s see how vMotion works

Automatic optimization and allocation of entire resources pools

You can move all VM’s from one physical host to another when your server and/or desktops virtualized. All this thing is done rapidly over a high-speed network connection, the original host and destination host stay in sync until the transfer is complete, leaving the user unaware of the move. It allows network administrators to easily select the resource pools to assign to the different VMs.

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An administrator can transfer VMs to another physical host manually If there looks like a server is about to fail or is reaching its competency. By doing this your data center will be more dynamic. You can shift VM to another host instead of upgrading hardware, that allows each VM to be more flexible. If you are putting two VM’s on a single physical host’s capacity then you could relocate one to another server that isn’t being used as much.

Minimizes scheduled Downtime

Most of the downtime is scheduled. To prevent users from interrupting, administrators have to do servers maintenance work at late night. But, if you have all the servers as virtual machines, you only have to shift the VM to another physical server. Virtualization gives zero downtime for the users and permitting administrators to perform maintenance work at any time. With Digital Resource Manager (DRS), only you have to put a server in maintenance mode and it will automatically transfer all VM’s to another physical server.

What is storage vMotion

Storage vMotion proces
Storage vMotion technically it’s a separate feature, it works just like vMotion, exclude it deals completely with data. As a VM starts to reach its data capacity, the LUN can be easily transferred to a larger storage center. This is done without disruption of the users or having to manually reassign more space to the VM.