The Best Free Antivirus Software for Windows 10

Free antivirus software

Antivirus is a very important software for Windows PCs to protect from Viruses, Malware and other suspicious activity in the system. It protects your computer from external attackers and hackers, who can steal your important information from your PC. It also protects Windows corruption, applications and other software corruption which can be done by Virus. You can use paid/free Antivirus software for your system to secure your computer.

Windows defender is best free antivirus software

Windows 10 and previous version of Windows (Windows 8/8.1) have inbuilt Antivirus called Windows Defender. Windows Defender is totally free Anti Virus software which is perfect for your personal computer. There is no need to install other paid or free Antivirus software in Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 PCs.

How to activate Windows defender

Windows defender will be automatically activate when you start your PC first time. It will be automatically goes off when you install another antivirus in your computer. It provides realtime protection, it will block any process or application affected with virus. Windows defender has a special feature called Ransome Ware protection which will require activate manually. 

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Threat and Virus Protection

Windows defender provides cloud delivered protection along with Realtime protection. Cloud delivered protection provides enhanced and faster security with accessibility to the updated protection data in the cloud. It Works best with automatically sample data submission turned on.

Ransomware is a very powerful and dangerous virus, you can recover your files from this by setting up OneDrive. also activate controlled folder access to protect your files, folders and memory space in your computer from unauthorized changes/access by untrusted apps.

Free Antivirus for PC Full Version

If you are looking for free antivirus software other than Windows defender, you can download from here is the list of many antivirus company providing free version.

  1. AVG free edition
  2. Bitdefender
  3. Kaspersky
  4. Avira
  5. Avast

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Note: Free Antivirus software provides basic protection only, for full protection you have to purchase full version license. If you want gaming and android tricks and tips, you can visit Here Bhupender Saini has written great articles.

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