The Best Places to Host Your Email With Your Own Domain

Best Places to Host Your Email

Email is the most essential online service you use, it is essentially your online passport, used to login to most programs you use, but it is usually the most neglected. Sure we check our e-mail all of the time, you might even run online marketing campaigns for your company, but just how much time did you put in finding the best spot to help keep your email. Have you ever thought about the prospect of needing to change e-mail services, and how much that would impact your life? Now is the time to think about the best places to host your email with your own domain. Let us have to check out the best email providers out there today, and how you utilize them to ensure you never lose all your email. And possibly, you will find an e-mail service that you enjoy even better than you are using right now.

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Maybe your current e-mail solution is fine

However, the question is not about today, it is about the future. Remember the very first e-mail account you’d, probably an old Hotmail or AOL accounts, or a business or school accounts, or maybe an e-mail account from your ISP. Do you still use it today? Chances are, you don’t. And while Gmail is omnipresent today, it is really just been around since 2004. 14 years from today, who is to say what the dominant e-mail provider will be.

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Whenever you rely on e-mail for as many things as all of us do today, you need to make sure it will be around for a long haul. The best method to do that’s to use your very own domain for email. This way, regardless of what service do you use, you may get your e-mail, and you may always change to another service in the future if you want, without needing to change your email address. In case you do not have your very own domain name, you need to go ahead and invest in one. Then, you may get the e-mail at and never worry about having to change emails.

Obviously, if you’ve your very own domain, or are running e-mail to your business, then you already know this, and simply need to obtain the best places to host your email today. That is what’s next. Now, How Do I Get Email? Got your very own domain name? Good. Now you are ready to select out the e-mail service to use with your domain name.

I have mentioned some of the best email hosting providers which are best email hosting for small business, enterprise business and also for personal email hosting.

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ZOHO is one from the Best Places to Host Your Email

Zoho Mail is the newest one email service providers on the list of the Best Places to Host Your Email With Your Own Domain. If you are a small business, want to your own domain email, Zoho is the best for you. Zoho provides email hosting free, you can host your email free of cost on Zoho email and create up to 5 users. Zoho Mail is a riskless and stable business email solution tailored for your business’s communication requirements. With enlarged co-ordination features, it’s not just an inbox—it’s more. Keep track of your daily work with an effective calendar, tasks, notes, and bookmarks. You can use all these booming characteristics to collaborate with your team members and get things done quickly.

Zoho provides a comprehensive control panel to set up and manage your business’s email accounts on the go. This is a cloud command center you can access on any device, be it desktop, web, or the Zoho Mail Admin app.
Zoho is a freemium app, you can create up to 5 users with 5 GB/Per user space free and ₹99/per user for standard features.

G-Suite by Google Apps

G-Suite is another one from the Best Places to Host Your Email With Your Own Domain. It provides Safe, confidential, ad-free email for your organization.

G-Suite is one more from The Best Places to Host Your Email With Your Own Domain

Gmail maintain you updated with actual-time message notifications, and carefully keeps your crucial emails and data. IT administrator can centralized manage accounts thereon your business and devices. Access your email any-time, everywhere, on any device—no need to the Internet connection. Read and draft your emails without connectivity, and it’ll be ready to send when you’re back online. For those time when you require more than just email, you can join a Hangouts Meet video call and chat with a colleague straight from your inbox.

Gmail works dignified with desktop clients like MS Outlook, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. MS Outlook users can sync emails, events, and contacts to and from G Suite. In G-Suite application, a user can obtain multiple email addresses by creating email aliases. Up to 30 email aliases can be made for each user. Get the G-Suite and create your email address in just ₹150/per user. Get it for 14 days trial, you can upgrade or deactivate easily your plan after the trial period.

Business Email from Hostgator

Your users will be more generative when it’s convenient for them to remain connected. Business Email Lite is easy to manage so you will find much time to focus on your business. Business Email Lite endorsements email access on a large variety of mobile devices and mobile email clients. If you’re not satisfied with the business email lite product, you can get a full refund of your money within 45-days of purchase. Hostgator provides free email account with web hosting service. ₹49/user is the base price for business email lite of HostGator. This is also better one free email hosting providers from the best places to host your email with Your own domain.


I have written email hosting providers comparison above in this blog post, according to you choose your best app for cheap email hosting from these apps mentioned above. From my point of view, these are the Best places to host your email for small and enterprise organization. If you need cheap or free then go for Zoho mail and if you want to go for most reliable, secure and best in all these then choose G-Suite from Google apps.