Cloud Computing is Giving Momentum to IT Industries

Public cloud computing system

Cloud computing today gave a revolution in the digital landscape. It is considered to be a major reason for the development of IT industries. It has made the business easier and easier than ever. Reduced the risk of damage from the virus. There is a lot of demand for cloud computing professionals in ecommerce companies and SMEs in India, which is increasing day by day.

What is cloud computing

Data and files can be stored by adding large systems to private or public networks in cloud computing. The cost of computing, application hosting, content storage and delivery process from this technology can be substantially reduced.

Cloud computing can work without HDD storage

With the help of this, an organization can grow without bringing more changes in its infrastructure. They have great advantage in resource and data sharing. Those who work on cloud-based computer systems do not need hard drives nor motherboards.

The computer can be operated only with the help of keyboard, mouse, screen and internet. This has reduced the need and expenditure of man power. People can access stored data on their cloud from anywhere.

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Types of Cloud Computing

Types of cloud computing

Clouds are mainly of three types – Private, Public and Hybrid. Under the Private Cloud, a company is given a private domain. This gives the company the security of sensitive data with privacy.

External providers assign cloud to multiple clients in the public cloud. In return, a certain amount has to be paid. All clients operate on a single cloud.

Similarly, hybrid cloud is the combination of public and private cloud. It does not need to install expensive software packages and hardware systems.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

With the launch of the Digital India program, in the field of cloud computing, good opportunities will be created for the youth in the coming years. According to a report, if all SMEs (Small, Medium and Enterprises) adopt cloud in the coming years, its market will reach around 56 million dollars.

It is expected to generate 11 million additional jobs. It is a big advantage for those, who want to make career in IT industries. Companies like TCS, Infosys, HCL, and Tech-Mahindra are active in this sector as Cloud Computing Service Providers.

Cloud computing creating Job

With this can be connected to the IT industry as cloud system administrator, cloud service developer, cloud software engineer, cloud architect, cloud consultant, cloud product manager, cloud security specialist, etc.

Cloud Computing in Education

In order to make a career in this field, students must have a post graduate degree in cloud computing besides graduation from a recognized university. You can do B-Tech in Cloud Computing and Vertualization, Master courses in Storage and Cloud Computing or IT infrastructure management.

Eligibility is determined according to the course in every organization. By the way, the student who has the passion, can also come in this profession by doing diploma or degree course. Many advanced certification courses are also being offered these days. Indian institute of job training has introduced several new courses.

Basic Skills

Technical and project management skills is required for cloud computing. It is a good idea to know about various software languages ​​and virtualization frameworks. The students have a lot of opportunities for data integration and data mining such as moving forward.

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