Free Membership for online tech support

MdLatif HelpDesk enables support team to regulate users communications in a single ticket, all within an easy-to-understand system. That means quick solution of support requests. If a PC user comes again, agents will have access to delicate information about that user, including when they last ticket raised, what the nature of that problem was, and how long the user waited for the solution. 

MdLatif HelpDesk has issue tracking system which gives management an overview of problems raised by several PC users and other info that can help to classify issues. You will get a choice of free tiers, proved safety, and get the support when you want it. In practice, MdLatif HelpDesk features slab ticketing, permits customer service managers to prioritize users problem. So whenever a user comes about a complicated problem or one that wants institutional information, we are able to direct that user to the agent best suited to help.

Membership will be free for lifetime, no fee no expiry.