The Upcoming Technologies That Can be Launched This Year

Upcoming technology 2019

Technology is an area where always new innovations are seen. If you talk about the past year, most of the changes were seen in the smartphone screen along with the camera. And if you talk about upcoming technologies of this year, you will also get to see a lot of change in the field of the Internet with phone technology.

Upcoming technologies 2019

In recent years, the world of technology has grown very fast. Every year there are some technology to make life easier. Let’s know about some potential upcoming technologies in 2019.

  • VoWi-Fi
  • Hologram
  • Wireless Laptop Charger
  • Smart Space
  • All Bezel less Screen
  • Dual Language Ear buds
  • 5G Robot

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VoWi-Fi is in upcoming technologies

Reliance Jio had introduced Indian mobile users to VoLTE technology. This high-definition network is not just fast for calling but it is also quite clear, but now be ready once again to be in touch with a new technology of calling. This year you may be able to talk to VoWi-Fi technology. Reliance Jio can start this too. As the name implies, you will be able to make a call through the Wi-Fi network. Although, people are still Calling on Wi-Fi, but it is not a high definition. In this new technology you will be able to call with Crystal Clear Sound.


Hologram is the one of upcoming technologies

So far, you have seen the use of the hologram on the packet of a product, with the advent of fast Internet, this technology will now be used in the event, film or presentation. Through this, real things will be introduced using virtual pictures. As if an event is happening in any corner of the world, people sitting in India through the hologram will also be able to see that event with the same experience. In a hall, a real presentation can be given through the hologram.

Wireless Laptop Charger

So far you have heard about the smart phone’s wireless charger. But in 2019, you may also get to see the laptop’s wireless charger. However, this technology is not so powerful enough to charge the battery of the laptop. In the last few years, the development of wireless chargers has been found, which can charge smartphones faster. Perhaps by this could be charge laptops also. Companies like Dell and Intel have also shown a demo of wireless charging. Laptop’s wireless charger can be found in 2019, it is expected.

Smart Space

In the last few years, the concept of Smart Home has become very popular in large countries. Under this, many devices connect and communicate with each other, such as – from mobile to audio device and audio to TV, freeze, bulb, geyser, AC and RO can be controlled. In this new year, the concept of Smart Space with Smart Home can also be seen.

All Bezel less Screen

In the year 2018 the phone with the knoch screen has been in the very debate, but in 2019 you can get a new technology display, called All Vezel Less Technology, in this, you will not see anything in the front panel of the phone. Touch buttons are not coming to any smart phone anymore, the camera will also be at the bottom of the screen, which will not be visible. It will only be active at the time of photography.

Dual Language Ear buds

Today Google is doing more innovation with regional languages. He has also developed several translation tools. Now he is bringing technology through which he can do real time translation. A few months ago Google presented its prototype. This technology can translate 40 languages ​​in real time. In this, the dual speaker is able to hear from one side, and able to make you understand by translating from the other side.

5G Robot

5G Robot in upcoming technologies

It is expected that in this year 5G network will knock in India. Along with the arrival of Super Fast Network, the 5G Robot is also included in upcoming technologies. Some time ago Huawei also showed its demo too. This robot can act as an assistant for you.

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