Windows 10 preview highlight it’s silent storage assistant

Silent storage assistant

Ahead of its Windows 10 October upgrade, Microsoft is providing Insiders jump in terms of storage: a quiet assistant called silent storage assistant that automatically frees up disk space by altering older local files online. The feature will utilize OneDrive’s files-on need to represent your documents as placeholders on your Windows 10 devices.

Even though it is sticking around, Disk Cleanup is being deprecated as Storage Sense boasts a superset of what it offers, according to Microsoft. With RS5 deployment approaching closer, the rest of Preview Build 1775 8 is unsurprisingly lacklustre. There is the usual bug fixes and improvements for problems plaguing Narrator, explorer.exe, local sharing, and text clipping.

Also, the construct watermark in the lower right hand corner of the desktop is no longer present in this construct. This Preview has one famous problem that impacts Narrator, causing it to occasionally not read in the Preferences program whenever you navigate with Tab and arrow keys.

However, you may get around it by shifting to Narrator Scan mode and after that turning it off, or you can restart Narrator.